Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur

Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur – If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and looking for a reliable Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur, then Lifeline Foundations is the perfect destination. Addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain and body. It can negatively impact your health, relationship and quality of life. Fortunately, hope and help are available at our Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur. We are one of the leading Rehabilitation Centres in Gurdaspur that offers evidence-based treatment facilities for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Lifeline Foundations – Best Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur

Lifeline Foundations is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur. It was established in 2000 with the mission of providing effective care for people suffering from addiction. We have a team of skilful doctors, nurses, counsellors, psychologists and other medical staff who work together to design and deliver personalized treatment plans for each client. In addition, we also have a state-of-the-art infrastructure including a spacious medical room, Library, gym, meditation Centre and recreational area.

However, at Lifeline Foundations addiction is not a moral failure or character flaw. It is a treatable medical condition that needs a comprehensive approach. We use a combination of pharmacological as well as psychosocial interventions. Such as detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, 12-step facilitation, yoga and meditation. In addition, we also provide aftercare services to the patients to maintain their recovery.

What makes our Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur, the best compared to others?

At Lifeline Foundations, our Rehabilitation Centre is working 24×7 and welcomes patients from all walks of life regardless of their age, religion or caste. We respect the dignity and privacy of the clients and treat them with empathy. We also involve family members of the patients in our treatment process and provide them with full support. At Lifeline Foundations, we aim to help our clients to achieve long-term recovery and to restore their hope and happiness.

How are Lifeline Foundations helpful to drug or alcohol addicts?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Therefore, our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab is here to help you to overcome your addiction. We offer various types of treatment plans to suit your needs.

Medical Detoxification – It is the first step of the treatment where we help you to safely withdraw from the substances you are addicted to.

Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur
  • Counselling and Therapy – In this help, we help you understand the addiction treatment’s root cause and how to cope with it.
  • Education and Awareness – In this step, we help you learn more about addiction, its effects and treatment plans. We also teach you skills and strategies to maintain sobriety. We also educate your family members to support you during and after your treatment.
  • Aftercare support – In this step, we help you to get your life back to normal after completing the treatment. For this, we provide you with ongoing support and guidance through online counselling.

So, if you are ready to take your first steps towards recovery then please contact us today by dialling +91 7270033333 or explore our website to know more about our treatment plans.

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