Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur

Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur

Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur– Drugs are highly used by teenagers these days. They know about the harm that can be due to drugs. However, unless they actually experience the pain and helplessness of the addiction, they can’t understand. At first, they just try to know how it feels like to use drugs. But after this, when they see that it has a pleasing feeling, they wish to do it again. There are some other reasons also that stand behind the first consumption of drugs. It may be the influence of friends or boyfriends. It may be the influence of celebrities that indirectly promote drugs through movies or songs. Or it could be a lack of knowledge about what they are actually consuming.

In any of these cases, the person is likely to do the drugs again. During the initial stages, the drugs may not be so harmful in terms of addiction. In the initial days, if the person doesn’t intake drugs for a day or two, he may not face severe issues like anxiety or sleep disorder. And this makes them fearless to continue the practice. The more we consume drugs, the more we are making our bodies habitual to them.

Slowly a time comes when the person starts realizing that he can’t survive without drugs. When he doesn’t get it for some time, the body and brain don’t function properly. This is the time when they start realizing that they are an addict. But it is too late now. They have reached a point where not just their desire asks for drugs, but their body and brain want the dose. The natural functioning of the body has got imbalanced.

Lifeline Foundations is the No.1 Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur that can make deaddiction really easy.

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur

Lifeline Foundations is the best Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur. Here we understand the issues thoroughly and proceed with the process of deaddiction accordingly.

It’s not that the person who is habitual to drugs doesn’t want to get rid of them. Of course, after realizing the harmful effects, they want to get rid of it. Moreover, they usually make a decision to quit this habit. But slowly and gradually the craving increases and it makes it difficult for them to stand strong on that decision. The frustration and negative feelings by the brain and body make them helpless and then they get into the habit again.

At Lifeline Foundations, we provide the proper treatment to make things easier for them. We have experienced professionals in our team who know how to deal with such cases. With motivation, moral support, and proper guidance, we help them overcome the habit.

De-addiction Centre in Punjab

Lifeline Foundations is the best Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur where we have professionals to take care of the entire deaddiction process. They are available 24/7 for anything.

Doctors are here to provide proper medication. These medications help them recover faster and fight the process of de-addiction. They also keep on analysing the condition of the person, in case any change is required in the treatment, they immediately update the prescription.

Yoga trainer helps in making people improve their physical as well as mental strength of the person. According to the physical condition and the behaviour of the person, they design the practice session accordingly.

Motivation speakers ensure that the willpower of the person is strong enough to be strong on the decision to quit the habit. They also boost the confidence and the willpower of the person so high, that he never falls into the same habit again.

Counsellors guide to help make the right decision. They understand the psychology of such habits and help them make the right decision in the future.

Physiotherapists are here to take care of the physical strength of the person. Sometimes somebody’s parts may be affected during the process of de-addiction. Be rest assured, we are here to take care of everything. We make the person strong like before.

Leading Rehabilitation Centre in Gurdaspur

At our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Gurdaspur, we provide the best facilities to ensure that the deaddiction is easy and fun. This is why this is the best De-addiction centre in Haryana.

  • AC and non-AC rooms as per your convenience
  • Library with well-chosen reading material
  • Swimming pool with neat and clean temperature-controlled water
  • Courtyards to spend a good and peaceful time
  • Television with a vast variety of channels
  • Well-equipped living area
  • Hygienic veg and nonveg food

The treatment includes various recreational activities depending on the physical ability and interest of the person. We do everything to make the person fight the deaddiction easily.

In case you want to take care of your dear one and make him even better for his new phase of life, we’re ready.